A member shall have:-

  1. a right and freedom to generate or engage in debates on issues that affect the citizenry at any party forum as long as the issue is raised following the established protocol and procedures of the Party.
  2. a right to participate in Conventions and be elected as a delegate to the National Delegates Convention of the Party.
  3. a  right to question or challenge decisions made by any Organ or leader that threaten the very existence of the Party.
  4. a right to participate in the election of the Polling Centre Executive Committee and to contest for any post within the Party and in the general / by elections in the Country.
  5. a right to be informed how much resources have been received by the Party/Branch/Sub-Branch and how such resources are utilized or managed.
  6. a right to participate in all members meetings at the Polling Centre level or any other level open for party members.
  7. a right to access all important information from the local unit of the Party or Headquarters in line with the provisions of the Constitution in Article 35 on freedom of access to information held by the state or any other institution of governance. He/she can access all party documents and buy copies of the same from the authorized officials.
  8. a right to participate through the relevant Party organs in the Party nomination process for identification of Party candidates for all elective positions in accordance with the Party Election/Nomination Rules and Procedures.
  9. a right to contribute to the policy making process of the Party, including the development of Policy Papers, Party Manifesto, Election Platforms, Party Nomination Rules and Procedures through the various Organs of the Party.
  10. a right to participate in the Party outreach activities, including campaigns and meet the people tours by national and/or local leaders.


 A member of the Party shall:-

  1. adhere to the Party Constitution and any other by laws or rules and regulations formulated by the Party Organs.
  2. subscribe to DP ideology, vision, aims and objects
  3. participate in the election of Party officials according to the Party Election Rules, Regulations and Procedures
  4. participate in the nomination of Party candidates for all elective positions in accordance with the Party Elections/Nomination Rules and Procedures
  5. regularly, actively and effectively participate in all Party members meetings and activities.
  6. shall participate in Party outreach and membership recruitment drives.
  7. contribute to the Party both time and resources.
  8. voluntarily pay membership fee and annual subscription fee.
  9. be loyal and dedicated marketing agent of the Party.
  10. be committed to implement all Party resolutions and positions
  11. conduct himself/ herself with respect and decorum
  12. campaign and Vote for the Party’s candidates at the General election or by-election.
  13. defend the legitimate policies and leadership of the Party.