1. Any citizen of Kenya of the age of eighteen years and above and who accepts to adhere to the objects, policies, programmes, directives and discipline of the Party shall be eligible to be a member of the Party
  2. Those eligible and desiring of membership of the Party may apply either verbally or in writing to any authorized official or agent of the Party for enrolment. On enrolment each member shall be issued with a membership card;
  3. The National Executive Committee may, in appropriate cases refuse an application from any person who has been convicted of any offence of theft, dishonesty, corruption, drug trafficking, or other economic crimes, or whose conduct is deemed to be unworthy as a member of the Democratic Party of Kenya.
  4. Each member of the Party shall on enrolment pay an admission fee as determined by the Party from time to time; and
  5. A member of the Party shall pay to his/her County an annual subscription as determined by NEC from time to time.