The Democratic Party of Kenya was formed on 25 December 1991 upon the repeal of section 2A of the constitution with a vision of creating, nurturing and sustaining a just and equitable society for all. The mission of the Party is to provide a democratic government to enhance social and economic welfare and equal opportunities for all citizens of Kenya based on the democratic principles of Liberty, Justice, Equality and Unity. On the 25 of December 2021, the party will mark its’ thirtieth anniversary.

Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) was founded by the retired 3rd President of the Republic of Kenya Mzee Mwai Kibaki in December 1991. Mzee Kibaki being appealed greatly to this part of Kenyan society who felt marginalized by KANU and those who were committed to democratic ideals of pluralism, rule of law and access to justice among others.

DP is in general associated with grand vision of a democratic free and prosperous Kenya and at its inception; it attracted support largely from central and Mt. Kenya region of Kenya before expanding its membership nationally. The formation of DP clearly undermined KANU’s power among the Central and Mt. Kenya region as many former KANU members defected to DP.

In many ways therefore, the DP leaders represented the interests of Kenya’s marginalized and disenfranchised. DP favoured economic liberalization and privatization of state-owned enterprises.