Infrastructure & IndustrializationProvision of Quality NecessitiesUnity & Justice

Infrastructure & Industrialization

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Provision of Quality Necessities

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Unity & Justice

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Our Mission

The Party’s Mission is to provide a democratic government to enhance social and economic welfare, and equal opportunities for all citizens of Kenya based on the principles of liberty, justice, equality and unity.

Our Vision

The Democratic Party’s aim for Kenya is to create, nurture and sustain the country as a land of plenty for all Kenyans. The Democratic Party’s aim for Kenya is to create, nurture and sustain the country as a land of plenty for all Kenyans.

Our Ideology

DP’s political ideology is conservative; this means that Party takes a moderate approach to issues. The party is cautious, fair and far sighted. DP seeks to exhaustively deliberate on issues before making decisions.

Welcome to Democratic Party of Kenya

Fellow Kenyans…

All these pledges can be realized with your support for the Democratic Party of Kenya. You can take the first steps towards realizing a Newly Developed Kenya, building on the current successes, by supporting the Democratic Party today and voting the DP.

The DP Government understands how to deal with the economy; the DP Government that emphasises integrity in leadership; the DP Government delivers and will deliver.

Politics must necessarily transform the lives of our people for the better; politics that does not bring prosperity in irrelevant.

DP is the party of prosperity.

DP’s Policy Priorities:- 

  • The Service & Quality of Life
  • The economy and employment
  • The infrastructure
  • The agriculture and food security
  • The industrialization
  • The entrepreneurship
  • Your taxes
  • Your constitution: your say and your government
  • Your constitution: Devolved government
  • Your constitution: Family, your community and Your Country
  • The Kenyans in the Diaspora
  • Your region and your world.

Recent From the Blog

'DP Candidates Requirements


Each copy of the application form should be attached with the following:

  1. Two recent passport size photographs-coloured
  2. A copy of the National Identity Card or Valid Passport
  3. A copy of Voter’s card
  4. A copy of Life Membership card (New Generation) at Kshs. 5,000/= only
  5. A copy of receipts of Application and Nomination fees paid
  6. Clearance from Credit Reference Bureau (Banks)
  7. Clearance from the Director of Public Prosecution (D.P.P.)
  8. Certificate of Good Conduct – (Available at the respective Districts CID Headquarters)
  9. Higher Education Loans Board clearance…

Democratic Party Of Kenya will not merge but will support President Kenyatta

Democratic Party (DP) will not join Jubilee Party but will support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election bid next year.

The party’s…



26th May 2016


Democratic Party of Kenya (DP), throughout its existence, has promoted the unity of all Kenyans as…